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Spero Health

Spero Health


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Spero Health provides local, affordable, comprehensive outpatient care, all under one roof, designed for each individual patient. This approach has been proven most effective for treating opioid and other substance use disorders.

Integrated Care: The power of three

Evidence-based physician services

Physician visit

Mental and physical health screenings

Individualized recovery plan

Medication-assisted treatment, which may include Suboxone® or Vivitrol, to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and craving for opioids.


Individual and/or group sessions.

Provide safe places to talk and valuable support to help patients achieve lasting recovery.

Recovery Support Services

Assistance in finding employment, housing, healthcare, child care, legal services, transportation and more.

Wellness programs, such as smoking cessation, sleep hygiene and nutrition.

Education to help patients better understand their disorder and the steps toward a successful recovery.

Measurable success

We’re proud of our track record and the impact we’ve had on our patients’ lives. Here’s what they tell us about our program:

    93% are satisfied with our treatment program.

    91% feel more positive about themselves.

    88% feel their relationships with their families have improved.

    86% feel their work/school performance has improved.

    75% choose to remain with us for over a year.

    82% feel their mental health has improved.

An emphasis on accountability

The key to recovery is the strong partnerships we form with our patients. A major part of our responsibility is to keep patients engaged and hold them accountable through counseling, medication counts, urine drug testing and prescription monitoring.

Additional support for those who need it

We want all patients to get off to the right start in treatment. Depending on the individual treatment plan, some patients may require more services more frequently at the outset to help navigate the daunting, everyday challenges of early recovery. These visits will include a combination of counseling, recovery support services and physician services. Frequency of visits will be evaluated based on the specific needs of each patient, but will become less frequent as time goes by and patients become more stable in their recovery.

Guiding and Strategic Principles:

We strive to live our core values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Commitment, Integrity, and Team to support our patients and the communities we serve.

We are passionate about redefining treatment and recovery to save lives.

We will pioneer a local and affordable integrated treatment model that transforms individuals, families and communities impacted by substance use disorders.

We encourage and develop ethical and tenacious leadership to implement effective behavioral health policies and programs. 

We anticipate community behavioral health needs and adapt to meet those needs.

We work in partnership with our patients, providers, and state agencies to meet community needs.

We strive to improve the teammate experience by conducting engagement surveys, developing programs aimed at increased engagement and have regular communication/town hall forums.

Spero Health’s integrated care approach is based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) treatment guidelines, which have been proven most effective in treating the abuse of opioids and other substances.

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